Adele Macklin,
            Registered Nurse
Trained in Portsmouth England.
Qualified as a nurse in 1987 specialist experience in primary care and midwifery.
What is micro-suction?

Micro-suction is the removal of wax, debris and foreign objects from the external  ear canal using a special fine tubed medical low suction vacuum device

It is used  with the aid of a magnified oto microscope. We use 'Best Practice' low suction microscopy techniques while viewing the external ear canal with an oto microscope to suction wax or debris from ears.


Why is micro-suction the preferred method?

Micro-suction has many benefits over other methods of wax removal such as syringing (irrigation) and manual scooping (curettage):

  • It's safer! - Too often customers suffer at the hands of untrained staff using syringing and curettage. Trained micro-suction staff offer the safest option.

  • It's quicker - The procedure can be completed in as little as 5 minutes.

  • No need to use ear drops days in advance - with micro-suction you don't need to prepare the ears with continual daily use of ear drops for days before. If drops are needed, they will be used at the time to stop the wax from sticking to the skin.

  • No mess! - There's no water flowing out of your ears, just air being drawn into the ears.

  • It's neater - The ear is left clean and dry. Stubborn fragments can be removed with micro-suction where syringing and curettage leave them behind.

  • Less risk of infection - Because everything is being sucked out of the ear rather than spread with a scoop or lots of water flow, the risk of spreading infection is almost nil.

  • Well tolerated - the worse part of micro-suction is the noise of air being sucked into the ear, but this is so much more comfortable than syringing and manual scooping.


How much does it cost?


  • Full examination of ears and advice - $15    ( no Micro suction procedure )

  • Micro-suction for just one ear - $35

  • Micro-suction for both ears - $50

  • Follow-up appointment when wax couldn't be cleared completely - NO CHARGE!



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The service i provide I believe is like no other service you've experienced:

  • Just $15 charge for Examination and expert advice if you have no wax 

  • No follow-up charges - unlike other providers, if you need to return to complete a particularly difficult removal you will not be charged for follow-up appointments. A 'once only' charge until the job is done.

  • Online booking - go to the booking page to make your online booking at a time that suits you.

  • Many locations - Kapiti Ear Care Nurse visit many different locations from retirement villages to specialist medical centers. Go to the booking page to find your local clinic.

  • House visits available